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The dictionary defines change as such: make or become different. It doesn't say that change is bad or wrong. It should say that change can be scary and tests your patience as you try to get used to it. For me, it is necessary. As my family grows (can you believe Allee is 14 now?? Addison turned 11 and Alex 7!), I must adapt. My kids are involved in so many activities. Allee is checking out what all the high school has to offer as well as dancing. She will again this season be doing competition dance, a solo! I am so excited to see this dance! She has joined the FFA, FCA, student council, and the colorguard in the marching band. Addison tried soccer again, I think she has decided it is NOT for her. She is a part of a trio that will be doing competition dance this season as well. She took singing lessons this summer and loved every minute of it! She will continue those through the school year.  Alex loves his sports:hockey, baseball, and soccer. He tried out and made the Danv

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